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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services CAM provide?
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Professional Photography
  • Apparel Design
  • Legal Counsel
How many services can I request?

As little as one and as many as all!

Our team of professionals will be ready to take care of anything you may need from us and excel your expectations!

How often we will receive updates on the deliverables or service selected?

We can set up a cadence that best works for you as a client. Could be weekly, by-weekly, monthly, it really depends on the type of project and the need.

We will be adjusting as needed and we will keep the communication always open with you!

What does the Web design process look like?

Every project and every website are different, and timing and processes will depend on the client’s preparedness and responsiveness.

We will share with you the project plan; management strategy and project timelines will be based on your need! 

We will maintain a constant communication with you to make sure you are aware of every step we are taking into turn your website idea into an incredible reality!

How does the process work with CAM?

1. First Contact

We offer our services after a free consultation so do not hesitate contact and tell us your idea!

We will give you an estimate so that you can finalize and start working with us.


2. Magic Time

Once you give us your approval, we’ll bring your idea into living color.

From that moment, you’ll be able to see and feel your idea in your hands, heart, and imaginative soul.


3. Proposal Stage

We will share an estimated cost of each of the deliverables while we will also share the ideas and reasoning behind it.

We will always make sure that the outcome is aligned with your needs.

What do we have to expect at our free consultation?

At the free consultation, you should come prepared with the issue or possible areas that you would like to improve as well as any specific request related to your business.

We will go over the details with you about our processes and gather the necessary information to understand your business or project.

After the meeting, we will provide an estimate and a proposal overview. Once both parties agree, we will go straight to work with you and make your ideas reality!