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CAM was started to help to introduce and market Jewel Lines Beverages, from Europe to the US market.  Upon an international conference with the owners of the distillery, CAM was birthed to bring forth these smooth and flavorful beverages to the homes, restaurants, entertainment venues, and sotre fronts across the US.

We are different form companies that lack diversity and range, but are like those that do.  We  have a base of individuals from diverse international backgrounds, that includes the Caribbean, that infuse creative ideas from different cultures  into one creative and exciting team.

Jewel Line Precious Vodka

Our Feature Client

For this noble vodka, winter wheat is harvested and mixed with underground spring water. Only the best 10% of the annual harvest is used for the distillation process. The Master Distiller distils a total of 6 times with natural, very mineral-rich spring water. This vodka is then filtered 3 times with charcoal.

Precious Vodka is bottled in a diamond-shaped glass bottle. Each bottle contains a natural gemstone in the cap from a collection of different gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz or peridot, which is very appealing to collectors of this line.


24k Gold 100-year-Old DEAU KOSHER COGNAC

$11,000 per bottle/ 6/$66,000 750ml – 40% ALC/VOL (80 Proof)



$257.28per Btl / 6/$1,543.68 750ml Retail



$173.33 per Btl / 6/$1,039.98 – 750ml



$116.40 per Btl / 6/$698.40- 750ml Retail

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Meet our team
Bounce your ideas off us because we never dream about success, WE WORK for it
DeCarlo E. Deveaux

Marketing Director

Born in Miami, FL and raised in the Bahamas, DeCarlo, is a graduate of the University of Tampa, where he was a very accomlished basketball player.  This led him to play abroad in Europe, where he grew his zest and zeal for marketing. 

He has worked at The Castaways Resort in the Bahamas, where he was in charge of growing the occupancy rate and providing entertainment. 

He has also worked with marketing guru Dan Felix, of Global Face, on multiple projects as well as in the music industry with Cold City Productions in Chicago. 

The wine and spirits venture is an opportunity within a truly great industry.

Bryan Miranda

Photographer / Cinematographer / FAA Certified Drone Pilot (Part107)

I am a proud Garifuna born and raised in the lovely Caribbean country of Belize, the Jewel.

After completing a 5 year enlistment in the US Navy, I started my Production company as Lenscaptstudios in 2017 which has evolved into Filmbz.

Our vision is to capture and preserve life’s moments for every ocassion and bringing visions to life.

More than just a production company we create content that engages and appeals to audiences  across various industries with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

Aubrey Clapsaddle Bio

Videographer / Photographer

Aubrey Clapsaddle is a freelance videographer and still photographer based in the Tampa Bay and Atlanta area.

In the last few years, Aubrey has worked on a variety of projects, mostly for nonprofit, collegiate sport organizations, or entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

Starting her videography career at the age of 16 and her interests mainly lying in sports, nature, and anyone with a dream.

She has shot and edited several short documentaries, experimental films, and specializes in creating content for marketing purposes.

She has been instrumental in managing the University of Tampa Women’s Basketball social media, as well as War Metal Forge.